Who is most qualified to make your project a success, and within your budget?
You've finally decided to throw your hat over the fence and invest in a Media Room or Home Theater. You bought the magazines, visited a few local retailers and perhaps gotten some recommendations on speakers or video displays from a trusted friend or co-worker. What is the most critical decision you'll make as you shop around? It is, how you choose your Home Theater Contractor; someone qualified to carry your vision into a proper plan. QuestAI Design Partners are the most qualified. The typical QuestAI Design Partner is HAA Level II certified, ISF Certified and a CEDIA Certified Designer. In addition, they have a synergistic partnership with QuestAI; we work together to provide the Acoustical Framework around which your room is designed.
Will your HT Designer "engineer" your room?
The right HT Designer is more important than any component brand name because the performance outcome of your system depends on their skill, knowledge, and dedication. Long before a single nail is hammered, your designer already holds the keys to a successful outcome by creating a great plan. A thoughtful plan will set achievable goals for acoustic performance through scientific engineering with defined metrics. Without a properly engineered and well executed plan your Home Theater is nothing more than a random collection of components. A great plan achieves the aesthetic needs of the interior design meanwhile balancing the technical requirements for great sound and video; a process called Sound Quality Management or SQM.
Does Your HT Designer/Contractor Practice SQM?
Sound Quality Management (SQM): The continuous management of interior design, construction and installation decisions in terms of their effect on sound quality. SQM means that the "system" is not only composed of audio and video components but also includes the room itself as an acoustical component. A good plan will balance the "look" of a space and how it sounds as a holistic system of components. Your Designer/Contractor should understand how certain room details can improve the performance of the system and equally how some seemingly minor details can harm performance. For example, the importance of the room design, speaker location, and listening places are all focal points that cannot be arbitrarily decided. Last minute changes that a Carpenter or Cabinet Maker might regard as trivial may in reality cause harm to sound quality. How much better or worse a system performs can often hinge on the proverbial "flap of a butterfly wing" upsetting the delicate balance struck in the plan.
What are the "metrics" of a well executed system?
You've heard all the hyperbole. Accuracy! Realism! Pants shaking bass! How though, does one judge a successful project? Certainly some systems sound better than others, yet how does one navigate the project down the path to magic. Equally, how do you know if the goals were actually met? A QuestAI Design Partner will explain the metrics of success and show you how they can be measured. QuestAI follows the goals of the Home Acoustics Alliance, an organization dedicated to high performance sound. The plan must address 6 areas of sound quality; 1) Clarity, 2) Focus, 3) Envelopment, 4) Smooth Response 5) Dynamics and finally 6) No Cheap seats. For a full explanation of these acoustical goals check out the HAA website here.
Will QuestAI design my theater?
Quest Acoustical Interiors is not a design firm. Rather, we partner with HT contractors, designers, and architects providing the acoustical engineering framework around which the design is created. As we like to refer to it, we layout the "bones" of a great theater while your designer completes the rest. If you have already selected an interior designer or architect, one of our Design Partners can facilitate the use of QuestAI as the acoustical consultant on the project.
Is an engineered design expensive?
In a word Not Necessarily; well that's two words. The ownership of a properly engineered system is no longer strictly for the realm of the fabulously rich. QuestAI was created precisely to address the larger multitude of systems that most folks buy. Technology has made high performance possible in surprisingly affordable components. While many consumers will invest in upgraded speakers and amplifiers, too often they are left with mediocre results because of a poor implementation. While you may have decided to keep the budget lean for starters, leaving out acoustical engineering is not a recipe for value especially after purchasing great speakers and electronics. A QuestAI Design Partner has the knowledge and resources to make every system as good as it can be, usually at a price no more than a great AV Receiver. Your investment in hiring a qualified HT Designer to layout your system will have a stronger impact on performance than any other decision.
How do I find a QuestAI Design Partner
You're already here. Just click on our Dealer link (above). Design Partners are so designated in our listing. While any of our QuestAI Dealers can provide the high performance QuestAI products we show here, a QuestAI Design Partner is prepared to take on the added responsibility of providing a comprehensive plan. Give one a call to discover what Sound Quality Management can do for you.