Where dreams become reality designed with a acoustical expertise and engineering know-how


Turn your vision into a real place in your home.


A room where the magic of movies and music are faithfully reproduced


We do the math resolving complexity into elegance

Our reputation is your assurance of performance

Home cinema engineering is not a big business. It’s the kind of thing one does out of passion. Passion for music and a passion for the science of acoustics. It’s been at the root of our team for many years and why we design each cinema as if it were our own.

Our Team

Our folks bring years of experience, but also a strong passion for our work. We want you to be satisfied and that’s the most important thing.

Kelsey Sanders
Kelsey has been working in the acoustics and project management field for over 16 years and with QuestAI for 10 years. An expert in QuestAI products, she also handles much of our CAD layout. She’s HAA Level I Certified and is an expert project manager. Contact us and there’s a good chance you’ll link directly to her desk.
Gerry Lemay
Gerry Lemay is the President of Quest Acoustical Interiors and Founder of the Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA). He has over 35 years of experience in consumer electronics technology and acoustics. He has taught hundreds of workshops on home cinema design and calibration throughout the world and designed many hundreds of home theaters. He is a CEDIA subject matter expert, instructor, course writer and awards judge.
Shawn Byrne
Shawn is our Head of System Engineering. He’s worked in the Audio/Video Industry since 1990. He’s our star expert on the proper design and construction of a high-performance theater. He’s HAA Level III Certified, THX Video Level III, and ISF Level II Certified. Add in experience designing, building, and calibrating some of the finest home theaters on the planet, and you have one of the best in the industry.