“Best Demo Room in the World”

Gerry Lemay was recently called on to bring his unique set of engineering and acoustical skills together with one of our favorite QuestAI Dealers/Designers "Dennis Erskine" of Erskine Group to design the demo room at CEDIA Headquarters.  QuestAI provided the acoustical design and materials for what has come to be know as the best demo room in the world.  Adam Pelz of Bespoke, also one of our favorite dealers and an amazing calibrator, installed the gear and calibrated the complex 20 plus speaker immersive audio system.  I won't rewrite the article that prompted this post.  It was published on EssentialInstall.com as a tribute to the systems speaker provider; Procella.  Also a QuestAI favorite.  Take a read: The Best Demo Room in the World

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