I’m getting ready to build, can I discuss my project with a Designer?

Yes, you can begin the discussion by registering as a QuestAI prospective client at this link here.  We’ll contact you and explain our process; plus answer your questions.  There’s no charge for this service.

Does a design include specification of components?

Recommendation and specification of audio and video gear is an included service in most design packages and the recommendation includes your preferences.  Review what’s included with each package at this link here.  If however after design completion, you decide to change the recommendation by your own choice or due to the recommendation of an AV Integrator, our collaboration in that discussion is considered an extra service and may result in a design change order.  We refer to it as Equipment Selection Consulting and is available to purchase as a 3 hour flat service with extra time available at our billing rate.  Using components other than the ones we envisioned can change some fundamental aspects of the design and a successful high performance system is always our goal.

Can I buy raw (un-upholstered) panels from QuestAI?

In a word, Yes.  We do however need to help you specify the proper treatment strategy for your needs.  See our discussion of our Acoustical Analysis Report here.

What is a design package

Quest Acoustical Interiors (QuestAI) was originally started to assist AV Contractors in the proper design of a home listening room.  This means everything including home theaters, audiophile rooms, media rooms, the kids drum room, the family’s indoor pool, and a host of other types of products.  Our core competency is Home Theater.  Toward that end, we offer several levels of design support which show the acoustical framework (speaker, sub, and seating locations), acoustical treatment strategy, and a selection of other important design elements.  In order to make our design more affordable to wider range of clients, the range of design elements and detail is scaled to provide excellent designs at lower prices.  You can see a comparison of the packages here.

What are the advantages of a professional design package?

These days the investment in home entertainment can rival the cost of many small houses.  Similarly, the complexity of the system can exceed all the technical requirements of a house.  Most of our clients have spent the time learning about video technology, reading articles about acoustics, and asking many questions to a variety of resources.  The conclusion, this is way harder than they thought and the risks of achieving mediocrity after spending a lot of money is too high.  QuestAI has a long list of success stories achieving high performance results and, perhaps more importantly, making customers satisfied.  No worries about missing the latest technology developments, no worries about design conflicts, or forgotten (or misunderstood) details.

Can I just buy panels from QuestAI?

QuestAI is at its core a design company, but we have developed special acoustical treatments specifically for our designs.  Many folks are interested in buying panels but it remains a challenge to make sure the right treatments are in the right place.  We don’t want a QuestAI room to be mediocre, we want our customers and their system admirers to be blown away.  For that reason, we don’t offer a shopping cart of panels but rather offer a simple service to help you get the right design.  You can learn more about our Acoustical Analysis Report here.