Gold Design Package

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What's included...

About the Best

What's different about the best?  Every aspect of the room seems to take on an impressive tone.  The limit of performance can be breathtaking.

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Yes, your spouse can sleep through your late night viewing sessions, but... the depth of quiet brings a new dimension to every nuance of sound.

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Finest Quality

The essence of quality goes beyond a great image.  It stands obvious when you slide into the seat and tale control.  Take Control.

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State of the Art

Science, Art, Imagination... when the best the sound and video world can offer is at your control. Embedded in your home.

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Detail of items included in your Gold Design Package*

  • Acoustical Treatment Recommendation
  • Acoustical Treatment Locations
  • CAD Drawing of the Floor Plan
  • CAD Drawing of the Front Elevation
  • CAD Drawing of the Rear Elevation
  • CAD Drawing of the Side Elevation One Side (Two if required)
  • Projection Screen size and location included on drawings
  • Speaker Locations for 7.4 system (4 or more subs)
  • Speaker Location Immersive Surround Formats (up to 32 speakers): Explore the limits of the technology!
  • Seating locations
  • Seat Platform location and dimensions for optimal sight lines
  • Acoustic analysis graphs: Ray traces, Response Model, Sweet Spot Analysis
  • Electronics Recommendation
  • Requires Engagement Agreement

Build-out details ready for your contractor:

  • Seating Platform complete build-out details
  • All elevations build-out details (front, rear, sides)
  • Screen wall and stage build-out details
  • Column design, locations, and build-out details

More professionally designed build-out details... avoid surprises when you fire your system up

  • Detailed Electrical Plan
  • Complete Low Voltage Plan
  • Detailed Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Complete Lighting Plan and recommended fixture specifications
  • Projector Cabinet (hush box) build-out details for quiet projector operation

Conquer every aspect of high performance theater design

  • Full Sound Isolation Build-out Details (Plan Specific); Quiet theaters sound amazingly better.
  • Complete Framing Plans (every detail)
  • Over the Top Themes or Exquisitely Detailed Interiors
  • HVAC and Mechanicals designed for the quietest and most comfortable performance

* Each package is customized for your project.  Discuss your project with our Engineer to right-size your needs.

Want even more?  Challenge us!  We'd love to explore the depths of possibilities with our Platinum package.