Make It Yours

Why go through the trouble of designing a room from the ground up?  Isn’t it easier to just pick out a style and go with it?  At QuestAI, we are a custom company.  Yes, we can suggest themes and concepts, but ultimately the design will be unique.  It will be yours.

The technical side of this is the rarity of designing in perfect spaces.  Rarely is a spare room or a basement perfectly suited for a high-performance listening room.  The ingredients of the system need to be integrated into the space at hand.  Sometimes, there’s an air duct or a post in the wrong place, and sometimes the space is oddly shaped.  There’s always some new twist that keeps our designers busy.

Our true aim is integrating your vision with our technology.  Whether its integrating your Star Wars mementos in the room or adding your dream bar, the room will reflect your vision as much as ours.

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