Get It Right

Getting it right means that you are taking control of variables and creating a reason for every piece of wood, furnishing, or drywall in your listening space.  Ultimately, it’s matter of trusting QuestAI.  We’ll do everything we can to make you understand every engineering decision that is made.

At a basic level, the best way to “Get it Right” is to copy the template of a previous successful design.  That’s not so easy in a home.  Differing uses, space limitations, and personal preferences all add up to deviations from a utopian “perfect room”.  Allow me to be clear, there is no such thing as a perfect room.

Small room acoustics by itself is a serious obstacle to recreating concert hall sound much less recreating the myriad of sonic venues created by a movie soundtrack.  Getting it right means understanding the distortions that an improperly built wall or poorly placed speaker can create; and avoiding them.

The school of hard knocks can take years.  Getting it right means experiencing the distraction and annoyance of getting it wrong and moving beyond with a better way.  Better technology, better experience, and a commitment to doing it right.

At QuestAI, we go back a long time… 40 years for some of us.  We’ve played with new ideas and new products so many times.  We’ve been exhilarated by success and shocked by failure.  We know where not to tread and where nirvana lives.  More importantly, we’ve grown accustomed to getting it right.  Allow us to make your home theater experience a pleasure and not another bump in your own school of hard knocks.

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