Basics Done Right

What are the basics?  At QuestAI there are two fundamental pillars; the Acoustical Framework and the Acoustical Treatment Strategy.  There are other important engineering problems but within these two processes lay the essence of a good design.

Acoustical Framework

Simply put, the framework consists of the speakers, subs, and seating positions.  While there are handy rules-of-thumb for these, the real engineering is integration into the room.  Small room acoustics is a different course of study from designing concert halls or auditoriums.  There are acoustical effects which are very different in a small room.  Modes for example, are sonic resonances that can greatly distort the frequency response of a system.  They are a key difference between a large auditorium and a home theater or media room.  They create radical variations as you move from seat to seat in a small room.  Managing and eliminating these distortions begins with the acoustical framework.  We model the room for the best seating positions and reinforce our engineering with scientific sub-woofer placement.  The result is high impact bass that is true and inspiring.

Another key aspect is how the main speakers are positioned relative to the seats.  Proper positioning is an interactive process that audiophiles know well.  At QuestAI we model the room and pinpoint the best speaker positions before the room is built. We make sure the seats are in the “sweet spot” and that the surround-stage is as compelling as is possible.

Acoustical Treatment Strategy

What high-performance room would be complete without acoustical treatments?  Unfortunately, many acoustical companies can over treat a room; after all their business is selling treatments.  At QuestAI, our business has always been about the design.  Our treatments were developed to complete our engineering.  The QuestAI Acoustical Lens System for example, is unique to our engineering strategy.  Rather than fill a room with fiberglass we are also looking at redirecting and managing reflections to minimize damping and enrich the surround experience.  We’re not adding treatments to control reverberation but rather to create a virtual reality space teleporting the listener to another time and place.

Of course, getting the basics right is fundamental but there are other critical elements that might seem hidden in the mist of the technology.  The basics of a good car include 4 wheels and a good engine, but we all know the improvements great engineering can bring to the experience.  That’s why we offer several levels of engineering.

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