QuestTrac Versus QuestAI Panels

One question I seem to get with every job is the difference between using raw treatments covered by fabric secured by QuestTrac versus pre-built upholstered panels.  For those who don’t know what QuestTrac is allow me to explain.

The picture shows a typical Lens System (QALS) install in full swing.  The QuestTrac is attached to the wall, using staples or screws, outlining the area to be covered by fabric.  The installer then becomes an upholsterer lining up the grain of the fabric with the track and tucking the seams.  The result is a continuous fabric panel with seams only required by the limit of the fabric width (usually 64” maximum).

The advantage of QuesTrac is that a more complex combination of acoustical treatments can be applied in specific areas.  QuestAI acoustical modeling allows us to pinpoint key reflections anywhere in the room.  The result of this analysis creates a mosaic of various treatment types which would be impossible to duplicate in a panel.

QuestTrac can be an artist’s tool as well.  The above pictures show a variety of joints and seam options that are possible.

QuestTrac is extremely adaptable and has been used in some amazing projects.

QuestAI Panels use the same treatment technology as is used with QuestTrac.  Pre-built upholstered panels have the advantage in terms of ease-of-installation.  This makes them an ideal DIY product. 

The most common means of attaching them is via the “impaling clip” as shown above.  The clips are attached to the wall using screws and the panels are simple pushed onto the sharp tongs of the clip.  The installation is quick and secure.  If the position isn’t perfect, just pull them off the wall and reseat.

Some installers prefer the flexibility of QuesTrac so much that they’ll use track to form QuestTrac panels that could have been fashioned as an upholstered panel.  It’s possible to get QuesTrac edges that create a straight or beveled edge as one might prefer on an upholstered panel.  This strategy is a good one when wood millwork or molding is used to frame the panel.  In the case of pre-built frames this eliminates the need for precision sized upholstered panels.  The track is simply fitted to the true inside dimensions of the frame.  It also means you can "piece" different types of treatment inside the panel for optimized acoustical performance.

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