Quest Acoustical Interiors Inc. was founded to be a different kind of acoustical company.  From the beginning our aim has been to empower our clients with the finest design and the most innovative products. Rather than designing turn-key "pre-designed" theaters, QuestAI partners with our clients to keep the essence of design closer to the source.  This means more options and more control for the client. Over the years we've developed many new ideas and products; Q-Perf, QuestTrac, Q-Fractor, and our most famous innovation the QuestAI Acoustical Lens System (QALS).   Our technical team is among the best in the industry providing not only day-to-day collaboration but also one of the most powerful arrays of home theater engineering design tools available at any price.  To learn more about all of our great products contact us at sales@questai.com or "Start a Discussion" by becoming a prospective client here (no obligation).  We're proud of our team and they are uniquely qualified to bring the finest Home Theater engineering to your home.

Main Office: (877) 933-8776  Belleville IL

Since 2009