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Designing a home theater can be as simple as deciding where the TV can be placed with a good view for everyone on the couch. However, our clients want more. They’ve usually studied the internet for advice and many even contemplate building the room themselves. The key though is the knowledge that small room acoustics and high-end video is more complicated than most have ever suspected. Getting speaker placement, seat placement and the dreaded subwoofer placement just right can make or break the room. As they say the devil is in the details.

At QuestAI, we live on details.  We have the modeling technology and the experience to layout a room correctly… no mistakes.  Each element of the design contributes to the final outcome.  Integrating a high-performance system into a beautiful décor is our passion.

Each higher level of system design (Layout Package, Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package) adds new elements that have an impact on the outcome.  Making sure your seats are in a good position amongst the multitude of sonic modes, the speakers are perfectly placed to deliver a mind-blowing new sonic reality, or properly integrating sub-woofers to deliver smooth yet awe-inspiring bass is what we do.

Beyond the Basic Layout Package we increase the level of detail correcting structural issues that can produce annoyances and in some cases real problems. Things like the way a riser is built or a wall is constructed can be major factor.  Electrical issues and low voltage issues also can be disastrous.  But we also understand economics.  Each detail is carefully integrated within the system to solve problems on paper before you have to troubleshoot inside a finished room.  The most expensive component in your theater is your room.  Like your audio and video gear, it must be properly engineered.

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