Construction Drawings

What are construction or build-out drawings? They are the road map for the contractor to build exactly what was designed. Shapes and dimensions are good, but the internal structure of walls and features can have a dramatic impact on the final performance. We’ve been in rooms where elements which are an intrinsic part of the structure create problems. Things that are hidden behind carpet and drywall. It’s something that cannot be easily or inexpensively fixed. In bad situations, it’s when the client realizes that the brand of the speaker was not the only important detail in the design. The room is the most expensive component in the system.

Build-out drawings are more than dimensions.  They dictate the true engineering of a design element.   Issues like sound isolation, resonance, instability, and flat out dumb assumptions can ruin a design.  Knowing the right way to construct a room is as important as knowing the right way to construct a speaker enclosure.  In fact, they are almost the same thing.

A speaker’s character and engineered performance is integrally linked to the design of its enclosure… it’s cabinet.  The internal aspects of its performance are designed by the highly qualified engineers at the speaker company.  The external aspects of how the sound behaves in the room is designed by the highly qualified engineers at QuestAI.  The presentation of the sound in the room is equally important.  The way the sound energizes structures in the room and is modified by the room is important to understand and manage.  Designing the structure of your room is like commissioning an engineer to design your own speaker.

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