A Complete Design

Have you ever sat down and contemplated the great number of design decisions that exist in a high-performance listening room?  Most start with a concept, perhaps a theme but then run into the stark reality of physics and the integration of their dream into a technological reality.  Great Video and great sound do not automatically come in the box when you buy a good product.  True quality comes from understanding how these devices are integrated into a real room.

Technology has not yet conquered the intricacies of variables in the current state-of-the-art of theatrical technology.  Automated calibration systems have serious limitations and are dependent on an inciteful design.  Digital correction for a poorly aligned screen or uninformed sub-woofer location have costs.  These costs are presented at the moment of the first experience, noting obvious flaws compared to better systems.

Each technical element affects not only the performance but also more obvious features of the room.  A cherished poster or art piece in the wrong location might enhance the concept, but degrade the experience once the lights are off.

QuestAI looks at all design elements.  Their impact on the concept but also, the impact on the performance.  A complete design include a review of each of these elements and integrates their presence within the ultimate goal of a state-of-the-art performance.

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