Investments are expenditures that will enhance the value of your financial status for the long term.  You invest in a fine home because its value will grow.  You add solid features and use high quality materials to make life better but it’s still an investment where you hope to see a return.  I’m not suggesting that a home theater will someday be worth more than you paid, but a well-designed and properly built theater will enhance the value of your home.  It’s a feature that will make the home more desirable.

A room with a flat panel TV on the wall with some in-wall speakers in front of the couch is a home theater.  However, it’s not part of the home.  The room is the key.  Making the room properly function as a theater with tailored and beautiful details is an investment.

Your theater will be more valuable not only because of state of the art performance but because it was built right.  The providence of your investment will be the set of plans used to build it.  A QuestAI designed theater is a mark of excellence that will be a solid investment.

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