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Perhaps no other aspect of home theater or media room design has more public interest than “What do I buy?”  At QuestAI, we’re equally consumed with this issue since the final result, will have our name on it.  The right speakers, amplifier, projector, screen… is really important.

At QuestAI, we have listened to, installed, loved, rejected, and selected many different brands of components.  We’ve seen what works and what breaks.  We offer equipment advice with our design packages starting with the Basic Layout Package because we want the system to be successful. 

Are we interested in finding the very best products, of course, but there’s more.  Speakers, for example, come in many shapes, sizes, and prices.  We might need a narrow speaker for an application, but the product the client has chosen can't handle the power.

We might be looking at a very powerful speaker, but it doesn’t have the directivity we need to create a wide enough sweet spot for the clients seating choice.  There’s many examples of how a “great” product might not be the “right” product.

Some issues are not tied directly to sound or video.  Some AVR’s are good units but lack the right integration flexibility for a design.  Some products are difficult to calibrate or require frequent calibration.  Our examination of product suitability runs the gamut of integration needs.

Our choices are not tied to product loyalty.  It’s not uncommon for a certain application to require a specific product.  Perhaps, a product that we haven’t used or even seen before might turn out to be the right choice.  That’s where our industry contacts, our dealers, and even a little experimentation come in to make sure it’s a good fit from all aspects.

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