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What's included...

How to buy QuestAI

The QuestAi Basic Acoustical Package is your ticket to purchase QuestAI technology.  You'll receive a quote on the cost of our panels with your design.

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Our fee is $500

Allow us to create the basic acoustic treatment plan and you'll get your fee back as a credit toward your purchase of the specified QuestAI panels * (if purchased within 6 months).

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Our People

Your design will be created by QuestAI acoustical consultants and reviewed by our top acousticians.  We are the best by reputation but because of results.

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Quest Technology

Your design will be created using QuestAi in-house developed acoustical tools and with QuestAI's proprietary acoustical treatments.

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*Design fee credit offer is not included with any of the other design packages.

Detail of items included in your design

  • Plan view of your room including speaker and listening positions (specified by you)
  • Side elevations of your room including treatment specifications
  • Front elevation of your room including treatment specifications
  • Rear elevation of your room including treatment specifications
  • Prior to creating our design we'll provide you with basic layout advice
  • A quote detailing the cost of our treatment including shipping charges
  • All treatment includes impaling clip wall fasteners
  • Fabrics include any "panel" or "acoustical" styles and colors by Guilford of Maine
  • Payment terms for panels is 100% upon order.  Refunds are not possible.

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