Basic Layout Package

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What's included...

The Next Level

Allow us to professionally layout your room. A room design must strike a balance between all elements.

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Basics Done Right

All the confusing issues about speaker placement, seat locations, subs laid out by our professional staff.

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Make it Yours

Your input is absolutely required.  You'll have a chance to state your preferences and speak to our designer.

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Equipment Advice

Are you unsure of the right gear to buy?  We'll provide you with the benefit of our experience with various products and provide recommendations.

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Detail of items included in your Basic Design Package

  • Acoustical Treatment Recommendation
  • Acoustical Treatment Locations
  • CAD Drawing of the Floor Plan
  • CAD Drawing of the Front Elevation
  • CAD Drawing of the Rear Elevation
  • CAD Drawing of the Side Elevation One Side (Two if required)
  • Projection Screen size and location included on drawings
  • Speaker Locations for 7.2 system (2 subs)
  • Speaker Location Immersive Surround Formats (less than 9.2.4)
  • Seating platform location and dimensions for optimal sightlines
  • Acoustic Analysis Report; Ray trace, mode calculation, sweet spot analysis
  • Electronics Recommendation
  • Requires Engagement Agreement

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