Client Services Engagement

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Supplemental Design Services


As with any design project, the level of effort and development time can vary based on new information about products, the build site, contractor constraints, new ideas and, often, educating our clients on acoustics and construction. We plan for a measure of discussion, research, and the occasional minor reset during the design development. Our design production time is focused on creating the design within the time constraints we have built in.


In some cases, these and potentially other unforeseen elements can converge to exceed the overall hourly allotment. These anomalies can include unexpected time delving into new product requirements, acoustical techniques, client discussions, and, occasionally as a worst case, a restart of the concept. The typical source of overages tends to be in consultation time on the phone and emailing.


We monitor our time and will make every effort to inform the client of potential hourly overages as soon as we can. In cases where the hourly allotment is exceeded, we will bill the client based on the adjusted production time beyond the package allotment.


Included consultation time varies according to the package (All time is counted in 15-minute increments)


Bronze Package:

Client Email/Phone Discussion: 2 hours Outside Consultation: 1 hour Product Research: 1/2 hour

Siver Package:

Client Email/Phone Discussion: 3 hours Outside Consultation: 2 hours Product Research: 1 hour

Gold Package:

Client Email/Phone Discussion: 4 hours Outside Consultation: 2 hours Product Research: 1 hour

Platinum Package:

All hours are counted as consumed.

Construction Services


Our design packages focus on providing the level of detail requested to build the project. One of the key advantages of our packages is more detailed drawings for your building contractor. This level of detail is increased in higher packages. In some cases, questions arise during construction from builders, integrators, and sometimes the client. We are always amiable to clarifying details about our drawings, but this support is limited. Construction consultation can be very time-consuming and is not typically required by most of our projects. Rather than build in potentially unneeded hours into our prices we offer a way to purchase limited consultation hours.


Construction Consultation Service: $250/hour purchased in 2 hour increments

Construction Project Management Service: $250/hour, $3000 deposit with incremental billing beyond

Onsite Visits: Project site review at any time: $2000 deposit, billed at $1500/day plus travel expenses



Your project questionnaire gives us a good starting point to understand your design needs. The most important thing we must have is good communication. To ensure the project is designed to your desires, please use our project managers or designers’ email to send all of the requested items and to provide your guidance, your questions, and any new information. Our goal is to document every discussion so please try to use the same email thread for follow-up.