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If you’ve ever wandered into a high-end audio shop and discovered they smugly assert that they do single speaker demos, you might have an edge in your audio experience.  You see, they remove all other speakers from the room to eliminate the sympathetic vibrations (which are audible) from the sound field.  Sounds pretty farfetched, but there’s a lot of sense in the idea.  The only mistake they make is forgetting that everything in the room behaves the same way; sympathetically vibrating.  Cabinets, shelving, even the walls try to sing along… but they don’t know the words.

Imagine sitting down to experience your new home theater, firing up all the amps and projector only to have the lights dim and the power shut off.  Sounds unbelievable, but it happens too often.  It happens today especially since modern home theater electronics are far more powerful than your old receiver. 

Imagine turning on the system and hearing a clear hum coming from your sub-woofers.  Think about your frustration if you discover you should have pre-wired for a more sophisticated control system or the lighting fixtures vibrate, or the projector fan becomes the sound track to a quiet scene in a movie.  The list goes on.

At QuestAI, we offer a solution through our upper packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold).  We design these systems and capabilities correctly.  No mistakes.  We anticipate your requirements because we’ve done it before… many times.  We’ll create a clear set of drawings as to how it should be done.  We’ll look at every detail.

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